Your website is one of the most important tools your business has. It's your open opportunity to connect with customers, make sales, and share important product information. As valuable a tool as your website is, that means that downtime can have an extraordinary cost. Unfortunately, all too many businesses don't find out that their website is down until they're informed by their customers—and sometimes, that comes too late to repair much of the damage done during the downtime. If you've been blindsided one time too many by customer reports of a website gone down or you're hoping to be proactive about maintaining your website's uptime, website monitoring provided by Binary Canary can have a significant impact on your ability to do business the way it really needs to be done.  

The Cost of Downtime

When your website goes down, you're not just missing out on current customer purchases. In many cases, website downtime can mean a host of lost opportunities. Consider how website downtime can negatively impact your business. 

You'll miss out on current sales. New customers, in particular, aren't going to sit around and wait for your website to come back up. Even loyal customers may struggle with patience if they need to get a particular item ordered fast. When your website is down, they can't make their purchases from you. 

You'll miss out on future sales. The more often your website is down, the less reliable your customers will consider you to be—and as a result, you may find yourself struggling to keep their business. Not only that, you have no way of knowing how many customers will decide, during your downtime, to check out a competitor who does a better job of meeting their needs. When they opt for a competitor instead of you due to website downtime, you miss out on the full lifetime value of that customer. 

You miss out on opportunities for workers to do business. Many employees rely on your website functioning smoothly to take care of their daily job responsibilities. When the website goes down, they're unable to do their jobs properly. That can mean anything from packing orders to returning sales calls. You can't order them to head home for an hour or more while you bring the website back up, so those employees are just sitting in the office, waiting for the website to be repaired so they can return to work.

Customer service decreases. When they can't access the website, your employees can't provide vital services that your users have come to expect. As a result, they may find themselves struggling to provide the customer service that customers need. Customers who call in will want information from the website, but if it's down, employees might not be able to access it, either. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to have a negative view of your business-—and in the future, they'll be more likely to take their business elsewhere. 

You'll have to pay for repairs. Accurate website monitoring isn't just about making sure that you find out quickly about potential problems. It's also about ensuring that you'll be able to solve problems before they become more serious. Website monitoring can help predict problems and ensure that you're able to decrease downtime before a problem takes your website down. 

Bad publicity can spread further than you know. You've lost customers during the time your website was down. What about the publicity they spread? "Oh, don't bother with that business. Their website was down the last time I visited it, and it took forever to get it back up again." "Oh, I didn't like that business. Their customer service was terrible." Worse are negative reviews online, which may permanently stain your reputation. The longer your website is down, the more serious the problems may be—and the more damage control you'll have to do in order to restore your reputation later.

The ultimate cost of website downtime to your business will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your company, your regular business, and how loyal your customers are, not to mention how long your website is down. Take a look at those factors, then consider how having your website down for even an hour could impact your business—and how website monitoring can help improve your odds of success. Note that 98% of businesses acknowledge that a single hour of downtime can cost their business more than $100,000. How much are you missing out on while your website is down?

The Benefits of Website Monitoring

When you use uptime monitoring to keep an eye on how your website is performing, you'll be able to experience a number of key benefits. For example:

When your website is down, you'll know immediately. You won't find yourself waiting around for customers to tell you what's going on--and which point, you've already missed out on valuable revenue opportunities. Instead, you'll know as soon as possible that there's a problem. 

You'll be able to start work on the problem sooner. When you know that there's a problem, you can start the steps that will fix it instead of losing valuable time that could have been spent repairing the damage, you'll be able to kick off that repair process and get your website back up faster. 

You'll be able to notify customers proactively. Don't wait around for customers to notify you! Instead, let them know that you know there's a problem, that you're working on it, and around how long you expect it to take before the website is back up again. This simple step can help prevent you from losing customers and decrease the odds that they'll hurry off to competitor. 

If you need website monitoring services that will help you keep your website running smoothly, contact us! We'll work with you on uptime monitoring, downtime notifications, and all the other vital pieces that will keep your website up and running as smoothly as possible. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate website downtime, you can significantly decrease it—and that means more satisfied customers who are more likely to remain loyal to your business. At Binary Canary, we'll provide the website monitoring you need to track your site so that you'll know your site is having problems before your customers let you know. If you're ready to get started or need to learn more about those advantages, contact us today!

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